TAKE TWO: CD presentation in Berlin!

On the 5th of October at 18 u. Patricia will play selections from TAKE TWO with musician friends Anthony Romanuik, Laurence Dreyfus, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong and Ernesto Estrella, celebrating the debut of the new album.

CD Releases

TAKE TWO - A CD against solitude
The new CD "TAKE TWO" is scheduled for release in October 2015 by Alpha Classics. It is really quite personal: As a soloist I often feel so lonely on tour. For encores I therefore began to collect and play duos, just to have some company.

Support Stefanie

On August 2, 2012 a beautiful friend and wonderful musician Mihaela Ursuleasa passed away.
Mihaela is survived by one daughter, Stefanie. If you are looking for a good cause to support, please consider donating to a fund that supports this precious little girl.

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